To be quite honest I don't really see myself as a dj, more of a listener who plays tunes now and then. I much prefer to be drinking the house wine rather than be the one crushing the grapes.

I have been into house music for over 20 years, listening to many different styles, and have seen most of the worlds top dj's. Only recently I decided to have a muck about on the decks myself and can be found doing cover shows and impromptu sets on here after the previous station I played on closed. Not one particular style, good house music is good house music, regardless of how it's labelled.

It is fantastic to be part of this group of people and that helps me to improve due to the high quality dj's we have here.

I have not played at some of the venues that others on the station have or along side some the big name dj's.

Then again I bet the rest of them have not done a 6 hour live set on cam wearing nothing but their wife's red frilly knickers and a pair of headphones. Well not in public anyway :-)