Househeads Radio




I started djing when I was a teen in the late 90s, when it was just vinyl, I then stopped in 2000. I used to spin mainly house and comercial stuff, but I used to love a good rave, with dnb hardcore in a muddy field somewhere.

I then got back into it in november 2011 after my bro inlaw and misses pushed me to give it a go again. A lot has changed , It is all digital now, so I got a mixtrackpro. and i got me buzz back for the first time in ages mixing two tracks into each other gave me a buzz like never before.

I started djing on sl a digital world and then on another online station.

I found the buzz for the music and over the last few years I found my style and upgraded my gear which allows me to be a lot more creative and play about alot, more than I ever could with vinyl on the old 1&2s

My style is underground rough basslines few vocals up and downs never a straight forward set with me. I some times surprise myself in the direction I take a set.

Any way thats all about me - House is a feeling.