OPENHEARTMACHINE (gh0st & dr1ft)

OpenHeartMachine (OHM) - DJs gh0st and dr1ft

openheartmachine is gh0st & dr1ft)

Based out of Ottawa Canada, we are a couple of basement DJs who have been streaming our mixes online for some years now through various platforms. I (gh0st) started mixing in the early 90s and has participated in organizing a record pool and various local events up to the early 2000s. dr1ft got into Djing when I picked up some hardware wanting to get back into it as a hobby.  We started mixing and eventually got better at it! We even tried our hands at producing. We've experimented with many styles eventually leaning to the more deeper and heavier side of house.

We are happy to be on HHR and remember, enjoy ohm irresponsibly.

Bass Compressions airs 3-5 am GMT (10-12 pm EST)