Niki Matteo

I always have been a big music lover from all Genre's Rock, soul, funk, disco you name it if it was good I would rock to it as a (b-boy). I was a very talented Break Dancer back in the day, that led me to really get into the break beats and hip-hop culture.

I then discovered (housing) a type of dance that was completely related to the emergence of house music. That was my calling to the house music scene! I really had a hard time finding a mixtape that I loved beginning to end with all the songs I wanted on it...don't get me wrong I loved and respected all the major DJs out there but I wanted a mixed tape solely tapered for me. So I decided to venture off and started DJin (1992) playin all sorts of stuff whatever I could get my hands on and started to learn the craft of blending beats.

One of my first hip-house records was Mr. Lee (GetBusy)..and the rest is history. I have been blessed to be able to play at some of San Francisco Bay area hottest nightclubs with some of the best local and international DJ's known... My influences and style come from iconic DJs Like Todd Terry, Louie Vega and Carl Cox to name a few. They all Hail from the East-Coast like me. I tend to lean toward more soulful deep house tracks along with up-tempo gospel house and hard banging melodies But my motto is 'If it's hot let it rock!'