DJ Neux


(Underground House, Tech House, and Techno) Toymaker Music, Bass-Mint Music, MJM DJ Services,

Specializing in underground house music, Neux is very experienced in all genres of music. Starting out on turntables with vinyl, he honed his skills at home and with friends. Later he ventured into top 40 djing while working at several clubs in the quad cities.

In 2013 he began to focus more on underground djing again when he purchased a controller and started playing mp3s versus his old vinyl records. Doing this expanded his capabilities and he started to play out more, such as Thumping Thursdays and house parties.

Fast forward to 3 years ago and his momentum sped up. Playing the music he loves most at clubs in and around Chicago and the Quad cities. Joined Toymaker Music and has played several of their events such as Barnyard Boogie. Has also played DJ festivals such as Go Ham and Bassfiields thrown by Throback Family of Chicago.

He is also part of Bass-Mint Music based out of Champaign Illinois.