Listen to G Kue's House Train Radio Show live from the USA

DJ G.Kue (USA) loved house & dance music long before he had a clue about what he was listening to. Gravitating towards New Jack Swing, 90s Dance, Big Beat, and (of course) a little Miami Bass, he really didn’t care what it was called as long as it made him (and the ladies) want to get up and GET DOWN!!!

Early Influences

In the late-90s, he was introduced to the underground rave scene in the Midwest where he was heavily influenced by the sounds of Chicago, Detroit, New York, New Jersey and San Francisco coming in from all around. Not always being able to find an outlet for his passion, he took matters into his own hands and started DJing, promoting events and produced his first radio show on a local college station. He’s played and promoted many historical Minneapolis clubs, including First Avenue and The Lounge, both famous for their association with the legendary music artist: Prince.

The House Train Radio Show

Flash-forward to today, G.Kue (pronounced “G-Q”) is still sharing his love for house music on his weekly program “The House Train Radio Show”. There he programs the freshest releases from every corner of the genre, pays homage to the classics and pioneers of house music, and features DJs and artists from the local, national and international scene. Recently, he has had the privilege of working with Mack Bango, Matt D., Alexander East and Cody Currie to name a few.

With its signature promise, “Bringing you the best of yesterday, today and the future of house music…”, “The House Train Radio Show” and DJ G.Kue are fully committed to providing a valuable contribution to the community surrounding the music we know and love: HOUSE MUSIC.