DJ Timetable

    Monday Timetable
    Times (BST/GMT)DJ
    10am to 5pm Free Slots
    5pm to 7pm Jason Brauer
    7pm to 9pm Ryan and Sarah
    9pm to 11pm Taz
    11pm - 10am Tuesday Free Slots
    Tuesday Timetable
    Times (BST/GMT)DJ
    10am to 8pm Free Slots
    8pm to 10pm Arron Hand
    10pm to 11pm Chris Styles
    11pm to 10am Wednesday Free Slots
    Wednesday Timetable
    Times (BST/GMT)DJ
    10am to 6pm Free Slots
    6pm to 8pm Elixir
    8pm to 10pm Citizen K
    10pm - Midnight Theez Germans - Sascha / Markus Alternate Weeks
    Midnight - 10am (Thursday) Free Slots
    Thursday Timetable
    Times (BST/GMT)DJ
    10am to 4pm Free Slots
    4pm to 6pm Solid St8erz
    6pm to 8pm Chris Bowers
    8pm to 10pm Phil Andrews
    10pm to Midnight Neux
    Midnight- 2am Keith Wolnik
    2am to 4am DJ G Kue
    4am - 10am Friday Free Slots
    Friday Timetable
    Times (BST/GMT)DJ
    10am to 4pm Free Slots
    4pm to 6pm Allan Saggers Alternate weeks only
    6pm to 8pm J Mac
    8pm to 10pm Mark Dale
    10pm to Midnight Luksta
    Midnight to 10am (Saturday) Free Slots
    Saturday Timetable
    Times (BST/GMT)DJ
    10am to midday Free slot
    Midday to 2pm Deejay KB
    2pm to 4pm Intoxicator
    4pm to 6pm Dash
    6pm to 8pm Eden Moor
    8pm to 10pm Aidan Davis
    10pm to Midnight Blackburner / JD Alternate weeks
    Midnight to 2am Phil Greenwood Alternate weeks only
    2am - 10am Sunday Free Slots
    Sunday Timetable
    Times (BST/GMT)DJ
    10am to Midday Free Slot
    Midday to 2pm Paul B
    2pm to 4pm DJ Buddha
    4pm to 6pm SolidSt8'erz
    6pm to 8pm Jirah
    8pm to 10pm Trevor Saunders
    10pm to Midnight Chachou & Dufster
    Midnight to 10am Monday Free Slots