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DJ Swirl

DJ Swirl is a songwriter, recording artist, live performer and DJ.  At age 10 he began piano lessons and vocal training which requires practicing 2 hours a day. In his early adulthood Swirl dived into music-artistry, acting, and writing poetry/prose. In his late teens/early 20s he was very much a local Club Kid in the local gay bar/dance club scene where he fell in love with high energy EDM and Techno genres played in the clubs.

As a songwriter Swirl composes, records, and performs in the Indie-Rock genre. However, he was so influenced by the music of the dance club scene he began to experiment with merging the electric guitar riffs, and melodies of Rock with booming beats and heavy synth backdrop. Through that experimentation, Swirl learned some of the technical parts of DJing (i.e. fading, transitioning, beat matching, synchronizing pitch, volume control, etc). Swirl discovered, for himself, that DJing is is not about playing records so people can dance. DJing is very much a form of music artistry. Learning how to use DJ equipment is the same as learning to play an instrument or sing.  The learning process of DJing requires study, experimenting, and practice just like any other instrument.

In 2017 DJ Swirl began Cyber-DJing live on various real-time video-chat virtual communities online where he created, produced, and performed the DJ Swirl: Live show. in May 2019 Swirl decided to go beyond virtual communities and took a break from DJing over the summer writing 20 new songs of which demos for each are currently in production.  At the end of the summer of 2019 Swirl landed a spot on House Heads Radio where he re-vamped the DJ Swirl: Live concept into the new and current The Swirl Of Sound show Every Tuesday 8PM - 10PM BST/UK and 1PM - 3PM MST/USA.

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