The Studio That House Built!

Fal and Rickster painting

House Heads Radio is an online house music radio station.  Our DJs are worldwide and they all have one thing in common (well 2 if you include their love of house music!), they play from home.

I’m not sure what the rules are everywhere else in the world, but here in the UK, there are restrictions around how loud you can play your music and at what times.  In addition to that – a lot of us (as a population) live on top of each other – so not only do we have laws to contend with, but also moany neighbours!

Noise pollution fines can be costly (yep been on the receiving end of one of those) as well as the hassle of dealing with unhappy neighbours.
Every DJ dreams of having a bespoke studio so they can play to their heart’s content.  Well, when baby Fallacy came along, the opportunity was seized.  No longer could loud house music be played at any hour of the day (or night) without causing some disruption to the rest of the household (albeit the baby would happily sleep with the loud music!).

Cue the Garage Conversion. 

It doesn't matter if we were based in Kensington or Crawley - we needed the change, as soon as possible. It doesn't matter if we were based in Kensington or Crawley - we needed the change, as soon as possible. A garage conversion made the most sense, so we cleared out all the clutter. We took everything out! Seasonal decorations, old clothes, spare furniture - these all went to a storage facility in Crawley. Once the garage was clear, we did a lot of research with a key thing in mind – soundproofing!

Research done, time to take action.  And when I say the studio that house built, I meant the studio that House Heads built!  We had help from DJ Pete with his building skills and DJ Rickster also helped out with a lot of painting and the finer details of the finishing touches (don’t mention wood stain to him EVER!).

house music room

The garage is integral into the house – it is not separate.  So to maximise the sound proofing performance, we opted for building a box in a box (almost). So the frame was created – resulting in a raised floor, false ceiling and well-insulated walls. 

dj room

The walls were insulated with special soundproofing insulation slabs, then finished with special soundproofing plaster boards.  The floor was also insulated with special soundproofing insulation slabs (specifically designed for floors).  A false ceiling was installed, with soundproofing insulation squeezed in above it.  In addition, on the floor, a carpet was fitted with the best underlay possible.

sound proof ceiling

Once built – the finishing touches were then added.  The paint (all normal paint I’m afraid – nothing soundproofing on that one!) took forever and a lot of coats – but we got there in the end!!  There are no windows, so a small vent was built into the door and an extractor was fitted with a snug exit fan to try and minimise where the sound of house music can escape from.  Hindsight with this hot weather has made us realise an air conditioner should have been built in as well!

Bass traps were purchased for the corners of the rooms and foam panels have been put up strategically around the walls and on the back of the door.

sound proof walls

The results have been astounding.  The specifically designed materials for soundproofing are more expensive, granted, but their performance has definitely been worth it.  If you are going to bother doing something like this – that expenditure should be done.  Doing it on the cheap side would not be half as effective and may end up seeming pointless.

sound proof door

This means inside the room – the acoustics are great.  The sound is not reflected around the room and the bass doesn’t bounce around leading to poor quality music.  It also means it can be up loud without disturbing the rest of the house (it doesn’t prevent ALL sound travelling through – but reduces the impact).  Outside the room, it means life can carry on as normal!  The TV can be heard, no little eardrums are getting damaged, no one is relegated to the bedroom while the music is played in the living room and we all go to bed, even during a show, without any problems.

house music studio

The fact it was built by experts from within the community of House Heads also makes it special.  It’s a great feeling and the reason why we all love that studio!