My First Music Purchases

7 inch vinyl records

I started buying music in the late 80s, when vinyl was still a big seller. But, alas my first record was not anything related to House music, but one that was very typical of my age at the time (under 10 years old).

I was extremely excited to hand over the 7” vinyl and hard-earned pocket money to the assistant in WH Smith, and I was duly handed back Bart Simpson – Do The Bartman in a crisp new bag that I clutched on to like it was a new Lego set. I played it, and played it, and played it, much to my parents' disgust. I also remember buying the re-release of Jackie Wilson – Reet Petit, and I still have this 7” to this day!

My music purchases were quite quiet for a few years, I tended to record the chart shows on Sunday afternoons, trying to pause the recording when the adverts started. Living in suburban London In my early teens, I made the discovery of Acid House and Hardcore pirate radio stations, listening to so many tracks we regard these days as epic old skool breakthrough in the House music and dance music genres. The desire to want to go to the illegal raves was high but being young, a bit of a goody-two-shoes, and no friends into the same music, I had to accept the fact I had to get my fix via Juice FM, and other pirate stations.


I then found the local independent record store, where I liked to browse through the hundreds of vinyl records, the smell of white cardboard sleeves and plastic was highly addictive to a 14-year-old kid. With the increased popularity of Jungle around this time, I found myself drawn to higher bpm genres like Hardcore, and it was astonishing that a track from this music scene made it well up the UK singles pop music charts, reaching number 6 in 1995.

The biggest impact music purchase of my music education was to buy the album from which this single came from, and it turned my music tastes around. The beats, the encompassing basslines, fairground-style melodies, filling my ears with music that seemed to take me to higher planes without the need for anything but a set of headphones, laying down on my bed looking at the ceiling, often falling asleep to tracks around 180bpm. The name of this album was Technohead – Head Sex. The album was my first CD purchase, and I still have it to this day, 23 years later! Technohead were such an amazing influence on my music genre tastes, and I still adore hard pumping tracks, just maybe a little slower down at the 120-130 bpm range.

In my early 30s, I took my passion for music and put it into DJing, starting with a couple of home/family parties, but I found my niche mixing at home, playing my favourite new and old tracks, with a basic USB controller. I didn’t have the space for a large vinyl setup, but with modern technology it has allowed me to move from a bedroom DJ, to playing each and every Monday 9-11pm to thousands of listeners on HouseHeads Radio. I love my weekly show, I look forward to it, listening to new music, what the greatest artists can create, evolving the dance music genres to new highs.

I look forward to having you listen to my shows, and why don’t you come say hi in the very friendly chat room! If you don’t have time to listen live, I also have a mixcloud you can stream from any time, where you can listen back to many of my shows: