Family Or Facebook?

house music family

Remember as a kid, having a camp or a base just for you and your motley crew? A secret place that is the centre of your underground community.

A place where you know you are safe and are always surrounded by people you feel warmly towards... I think we all had, have or need one of those places.

Family is a strange concept. The circles you spend most of your life with are already decided for you, years before you even hit the earth. The concept of choosing your family is something that I feel strongly about and its paid off for me. (Sorry “real” family)

Where am I going with this? OK...

The jury is out on whether Facebook Live killed internet radio but I’m here to stand tall with internet radio and FM radio. Facebook is something that we struggle to live with but would struggle to live without too.

Facebook is an incredible tool for communicating with family and friends worldwide, sharing news, promoting or reviewing music etc. But what does it lack? It lacks that feeling of community, the feeling of being welcome and knowing the people surrounding you have got your best interests at heart. Having a place to congregate daily, weekly or just on the odd occasion is something we have done since humans began. I’m not religious but the church is a great example of this. 

So let’s compare house music internet radio stations to churches for example's sake. They both play music! They both provide a sense of community! They are both very social places! They both welcome new members! They both care for their patrons!  The list is endless really…

Now, enjoying music by yourself is good but enjoying with others can make the experience a damn site better. Not just for you but for the DJs that spend hours behind the scenes curating music for your pleasure. 

The Flood Of Facebook DJ streams 

Now, when I log into Facebook, my news feed is inundated with DJ’s streaming all over the world. I’ll stop and listen, maybe for a minute or two, until I carry on with my daily scroll. I think I speak for many when I say that when I go onto Facebook, I look for cute dog memes or videos of crazy Russians climbing up skyscrapers. I don’t go there to settle in and listen to music. 

If I have a place online that I know I can go to in just as many clicks as Facebook. My church that plays live house music most hours of the day, where I feel welcomed and feel a sense of community. I’d rather be there hanging out with people rather than hanging out in Mark Zuckerberg’s poor excuse for a community. I’d rather spend time with my chosen family. 

Why Internet Radio Works

We all live busy lives, some of us struggle to get out every weekend because of work, family or other commitments. Some of us live a million miles from each other and just popping round for a cup of tea or a beer isn’t practical.

Hanging out with my chosen family wherever I am in the world, watching everyone on camera and chatting isn’t dead. In fact, it’s more accessible than it ever has been. Listening to the DJ’s I love with the people I love, life doesn't get any better. 

No matter what internet radio station it is, no matter what community it is, having a place to go is just good for the soul. The beauty of a chatroom is that people are real, yes they may say things that are not always right but they also say things that they would never say on Facebook. Where will you go when Facebook is gone? We’ve seen these places come and go before!

The Personal Touch

So, people come and go in the radio community, they join, they leave just like life outside of the internet. People move on to new pastures, it happens. It doesn’t mean that it was time wasted or that we don’t miss those people. I’ve built some incredible connections with people through internet radio, real personal connections, unlike Facebook. People in my chosen family have met here and started relationships, had babies, broke up, passed away, you name it it's happened.

There’s been good times and hard times but why do I keep coming back?  It's my base camp my little hideout, I feel welcome and I’m surrounded by real people. Where’s your community? Who are they? If you don’t have one, House Heads Radio welcome all walks of life... Especially the circus freaks!

Big Love