HHR DJ Etiquette & Expectations

dj etiquette


HHR DJ’s and listeners are a family that takes massive pride in being a family, working together for the positive vibe of everyone. This is why we would like to highlight some longstanding expectations of all members of the HHR family, along with some common-sense etiquette, all of which helps us all keep a happy and positive vibe across the station/family

Expectations of a DJ


  • No nudity or large amounts of flesh on show, this includes anyone going topless (even if it’s very hot). This is because all of the video streaming sites we are on have a strict policy on this subject and we could very easily be banned from many or all of the video streaming sites we are part of.

Always on time/reliable

  • It is key to always be on time for your set, this includes both starting and finishing your set. The station has specific times for live sets and this must be adhered to as much as possible.
  • Do NOT go over your slot time even by one minute, unless the next DJ is not ready and has specifically asked you to keep playing. Playing into the next DJ’s time slot is rude, so ending your set on the hour is very important (the HHR chatroom has a clock for a reason, and the clock is ALWAYS showing the time used by the timetable which happens to be the current time in the UK).
  • If there is no DJ after you then the opportunity to keep playing is down to you to do what is commonly known as ‘OT’ or overtime.
  • If on the odd occasion you can’t make your show or are likely to be late, make sure you post in the HHR DJ’s/Admin Facebook group. More than likely if there is a DJ before you, they might be able to cover if you will be late, or another DJ might be able to cover your whole slot if you can’t make it.

Changeover communication must be clear

  • If AutoDJ/recordings are playing then you can just connect and start your set, but if you are waiting on a previous DJ to finish their set, make sure you are in the HHR chatroom and confirm with the current DJ you are ready to play when they are finished.
  • If you are the current live DJ and another DJ is waiting to take over, then please give the following DJ information on how long it will be before you will finish your show and disconnect. This is normally in minutes and then seconds (eg: 5 mins, 2 mins, 1 min, 30 secs, 10 secs, go).

Show promo, cancelling shows/requesting cover, use of the DJ Admin group

  • When you are unable to play your set and need to request cover, you do this via a post in the HHR DJ’s Admin Facebook group
  • Show Promo can be done on the HHR public Facebook page and the two HHR public Facebook groups. You can also tag the HHR accounts on Twitter and Instagram.
  • The HHR DJs Admin group is NOT for promoting your shows or sharing live video streams. It is ONLY for technical assistance, cancelling shows/requesting cover.
  • To help improve the visibility of all HHR DJ shows it is suggested all DJ’s like/share/retweet any and all HHR DJ show promo posts.

Microphones and cameras (these are desirable but not a necessity)

  • It is encouraged that all DJ’s use a microphone. This can give the listeners information about the DJ they are watching/listening to, or maybe even receive a shoutout (the listener might say hey from one of the many chat locations, a DM or maybe even a Tweet), along with information about tracks being played, or when a DJ will be next playing on HHR. You don’t need to say much if you are not experienced on a microphone, even saying hello and thanks for listening a couple of times during the DJ set is great!
  • It is also encouraged, and highly desirable for HHR DJ’s to have a camera as we are a video stream music station. On Twitch, Twitter and Mixcloud Live we stream video with the music, and a camera showing the DJ in action is advantageous and draws viewers/listeners in. The camera doesn’t have to show the DJ, it can be fixed on the DJ equipment and the only body part seen is the hands. As an alternative, having a good set of interesting backing/background videos playing can also be good for the viewer.

Please note: These are not mandatory requirements to play on HHR, just guidance to help us all standardise on what we offer our viewers/listeners.