HHR DJ Etiquette & Expectations

dj etiquette


HHR DJ’s and listeners are a family that takes massive pride in being a family, working together for the positive vibe of everyone. This is why we would like to highlight some longstanding expectations of all members of the HHR family, along with some common-sense etiquette, all of which helps us all keep a happy and positive vibe across the station/family

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"You’re just playing records... anyone can do that"

dj skills


Anyone can just play music, but the music you play, when you play it and why you play it at a certain time, for me, is the real art form of the DJ.

DJ’s play other people’s music (sometimes their own) but mostly, other people’s, we all know that. But the best DJ’s, the good and the great, find the music that makes your feet move, the hair on the back of your neck stand up, raises your hands in the air, makes your heartbeat a little bit faster. Music that you’ve never heard before, music that you’re asking yourself ‘what is this??’, music that feels like an old friend, even though it’s new to you. They play it at exactly the right time, to take the dancefloor to another level. They are in total control, you are in their musical hands, and you love it. You, the crowd, the DJ, everyone, could not be in a better place.

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Family Or Facebook?

house music family

Remember as a kid, having a camp or a base just for you and your motley crew? A secret place that is the centre of your underground community.

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My First Music Purchases

7 inch vinyl records

I started buying music in the late 80s, when vinyl was still a big seller. But, alas my first record was not anything related to House music, but one that was very typical of my age at the time (under 10 years old).

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The Day I Caught The DIY Bug

house music fire

Back in 1995 I was 18 years old with party life in full swing. I was following local free parties and raves.  Me and my mates used to party in the local woods most weekends.

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