House Music Radio Station With Live DJ Cam & Chat Room

Welcome to - An online internet house music radio station built by HouseHeads for HouseHeads. Since the mid-'80s, house music has had a massive influence on music culture. Over the past 3 decades, it has spawned various sub-genres and continues to grow and evolve.

Deep,  Tech, Jackin'  & Soulful House Music... We Play It All

We are very pleased to bring you the best underground DJs on the house music scene from all around the globe, alongside new blood and fresh talent, dropping the finest beats from across the whole range of House Music including deep, tech, jackin' & soulful. We have the very best facilities for all users, with a crystal clear music stream and a state of the art chat room with a live video music stream.

We also differ to other radio stations as we operate as a collective between DJs, admin and you the listener. All input to help this station grow and make it more enjoyable for all is very welcome! - Peace, love and House Beats

About Us - Our online house music radio station

This is just from my point of view – but when someone asks that question – the first word that springs to mind is – FAMILY. But that’s just me. The more ‘official’ definition? Well, that would be; an online, global, not for profit radio station – specialising in House music (does the name give that part away?!?!).

The Radio Station

The radio station itself broadcasts 24/7. If not with live DJs, then with recorded sets. Sometimes these are recordings of live shows, others are bespoke mixes made just for this purpose.

All of our DJs broadcast directly from home which means we have a diverse range of DJs from around the world. We truly are global – which makes for interesting planning around new years!! We have multiple celebrations aired live every year.

Our house music radio station has bought a range of people together. We are all very different, and in everyday life, may never have met. But the house music has brought us together and we really do work like a family. The station utilises as many of the talents (outside of music) as we can – with IT gurus, graphic designers and music producers within our merry band. This means we run the station as a collaboration – everyone has a say and all opinions are taken on board. The majority rules in all things – from whether a new DJ is worthy of a regular slot to the practicalities of how and where we stream.

House Music, DJs & Chat Room

The great thing about being an online house music radio station is the increased interaction. It means that many of our DJs have a live cam on them whilst playing live – which is always much more interesting. It also starts many conversations about the different DJ equipment out there, opinions and ideas on different setups. And these conversations happen (in the main) in our interactive chat room; an awesome house music chat room with a great layout. I believe this has contributed significantly to our ‘family’ atmosphere.

Every year we have various get-togethers – as any family would. Whilst these have mainly happened in the UK – we have worked them around visits from our listeners/DJs that travel from abroad. We are also involved in the annual event in France, Lille called La Braderie. Another event that has seen many of us travel to meet in France. In 2017, we travelled from the UK, US, Germany and Belgium to attend.

Our History

Our history takes us back to 2014. We are a phoenix house music radio station in reality – in that we rose from the ashes of another station that shut down early in the new year of 2014. So a number of the HHR family already knew each other from there (and some before that!). 4 years on, we are not the exact same group of people. But, as with all families, those that have left continue to visit us every now and again and the new members contribute something new and important to our dynamics.

We continue to explore various ways to improve the station and take it forward. It is always inspiring to see the passion demonstrated by the team and the amount of time everyone commits to make us work.

I love our house music radio station family and am proud to be a part of it!!!

Written By Eleni Hamilton


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