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Welcome to - An online internet house music radio station built by HouseHeads for HouseHeads. Since the mid-'80s, house music has had a massive influence on music culture. Over the past 3 decades, it has spawned various sub-genres and continues to grow and evolve.

Deep,  Tech, Jackin'  & Soulful House Music... We Play It All

We are very pleased to bring you the best underground DJs on the house music scene from all around the globe, alongside new blood and fresh talent, dropping the finest beats from across the whole range of House Music including deep, tech, jackin' & soulful. We have the very best facilities for all users, with a crystal clear music stream and a state of the art chat room with a live video music stream.

We also differ to other radio stations as we operate as a collective between DJs, admin and you the listener. All input to help this station grow and make it more enjoyable for all is very welcome! - Peace, love and House Beats

About House Heads radio

House Heads Radio - How it all began
Way back in 2014, a group of house music lovers and DJs found that they were to lose their favourite internet radio station, Housefreaks Radio. We all loved being together and sharing our love of house music in the chatroom and were devastated when it was announced that it was going to close down.

We questioned what we were going to do and decided that we couldn't bear the thought of losing our online home as it would mean that we couldn't continue to have the fun chats and banter that we'd all become so fond of. In other words, we realised that we'd become a kind of 'family' over the years.

House music Family

Our bond had developed for several reasons; while some of us had enjoyed messy nights out clubbing together in the real world, many of us hadn't even met each other due to the fact that the station's DJ and listener base spanned the entire globe. Despite most of us living on different urban lives on different continents to each other, it was still apparent that our shared love of house music and strong personal bonds meant that we were all part of the same family with a long history together.

We were determined not to lose what we'd come to love so we decided to carry on by starting our own station. We decided that this time around, there would be no owners and no one person in control, we were going to operate as a not-for-profit collective with all funds raised being ploughed back into the running of the station.

The radio station - Pooling Our Resources

We all clubbed together and pooled our resources to make this station what it is today. Some of us had IT skills, some made artwork and some networked and promoted our new venture online. More importantly, we couldn't start the station on fresh air alone so many of us helped by donating the much-needed funds that would be essential to get the station off the ground and broadcasting. Everyone helped out in their own way.

Since the radio station began, we've had new listeners and DJs join us who share the same philosophy and are now also part of the family. Everyone has a part to play and we are all members of the same equal team.

Collective Passion for house music

Many years on, this has made it what it is today, House Heads Radio ... A self-sustaining, interactive, online house music internet radio station that continues to go from strength to strength.

It's amazing what we've all achieved and even more amazing that we've done this as a collective, with all of us being equal without a boss to assert control. Househeads really are family and it just goes to show what can be achieved when people work together with a common goal and a passion.

We're a house music radio station and house music is that passion that has driven us all to work so hard to keep the family together and continue to have our haven of friends, house music and chat.

Written by Treacle


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